Google Chrome OS Notebook Is All About The Beauty Of Cloud Computing


Google has shipped some of their new Chrome OS notebooks to their selected beta tester and those who are lucky are now playing themselves hard on this new ‘cloud’ based environment. Basically, Chrome OS notebook is only a “shell” that works just like OnLive cloud gaming system, where everything you are working with will be stored on the cloud server.

The following 5-minutes video show hosted by Google Chrome UX Dsigner Glen Murphy is showing us some demo of the cloud system. It clearly show you that his documents are unaffected even the first, second or third notebook has been destroyed and replaced with new one. No more worry of hard drive failure that could corrupt your files.


The user-interface looks pretty clean, exactly the same with Chrome browser UI with tab system. I sure home this system could run games, but there is no mention in this video demo yet. But at least, it Google Chrome OS notebook will make a great cloud-based computing system for the professionals and corporate IT teams.

[via Technabob]

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