Inflatable Recycled Paper Sofa


I’ve one inflatable bed that is quite portable for camping, easy to find place to keep it and I love it. That’s why when I saw this Inflatable Sofa / Couch, I’m ready to place my order. :)

This Inflatable Sofa is using an unique material to built up a place for you to sit comfortably – It’s a recycled paper!


I could never imagine that recycled paper can be used as our couch. Of course, it’s impossible for the paper alone. This Inflatable Recycle paper sofa is having two layers of paper and one layer of elastic plastic on the inside that could hold the air.

According to the product page, both inflating and deflating this sofa only takes seconds count which I think it’s a big time saver.


If you would like to own one (despite of its recycled paper ugliness), you can order it for $590 via Sleekidentity. You will get the metal rack and rubber straps (red or black) for free.


[BookOfJoe via TrendHunter]

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