Logitec Launching “Master Series Of Japan” HDD


Logitec from Japan has rolled out new series of 1TB HDD codename LHD-EN1000U2HLW, which also known as the “Master Series Of Japan” external hard drive. Though I’m not sure what’s special, it’s been said that this series of external hard drive is designed for the professionals.


This external hard drive uses USB 2.0 interface instead of the latest USB 3.0, and it’s also available in the size of 2TB (codename: LHD-EN2000U2HLW). The price for this Master Series Of Japan External HDD is $131 (10,980 Yen – 1TB) and $167 (13,980 Yen – 2TB).

[Logitec Pro via AkihabaraNews]

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