Notion Ink Adam Tablet Is Up For Pre-Order


We have known that Notion Ink Adam tablet is the coolest tablet of the year, and it’s been released for pre-order yesterday. However, I’ve read some ‘serious’ compliants about this tablet despite of its great specification.

The pre-order page was just published yesterday on December 9th, however, just one day apart the Notion Ink Pixel Qi (WiFi) edition and Pixe Qi (WiFi + 3G) edition has already sold out!

Wow, that was quick even there are some problem with their system. Or perhaps they are taking it down on purpose so they can fix the errors? Well, I’m not sure. You just clearly can’t order them now even if you have the money.

What’s left for us are the Backlit LCD versions and that will cost us $375.33 (WiFi-Only) and $425.33 (WiFi + 3G). It’s really a sad experience where what we are hoping the most (the Pixel Qi version) is unavailable. Let’s hope they’ll restocking them soon for the Pixel Qi fans.



[Notion Ink via Slashgear]

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