Ultimate NES Controller Coffee Table

We have seen the modern console PS3 Coffee table, and Ripple interactive LED Coffee table. But we having seen one that’s so retro and old school, but still made in the state of Retro Art.


This is the ultimate NES controller Coffee Table, which is yet another stuff to brag about after that cool looking NES Controller Mouse.

This table is perfectly 10:1 scale of the original NES controller, with everything made in details (even the backplate that no body would flip it over to see was craft in details!). The console has been built-in and the creators are using custom springs and micro-switches to make the big buttons flawless.


This NES Controller Coffee Table is made by 10upDeluxe, which is certainly a great masterpiece for the fans. You can find the details at their website.

[Source via Technabob]

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