Kinect Air Guitar Hack That Detects Hand Position

The library of Kinect Hacks is growing! After a series of cool hacks using OpenKinect, now we have got a new hack for Kinect that brought out a fully functional virtual guitar on the screen using the help of C++m OpenFrameworks and openCV.


In 2007 I attempted to make a simple Air Guitar prototype using a stereo camera (watch video). Unfortunately it didn’t work very well.

Now that the much anticipated Xbox Kinect camera was out and opening up by the way, I wanted to port this demo to explore what the potential of interactive music games could be in the future & also just to experiment with the Kinect. So here is the outcome so far…

It looks like a fun hack and it also proved that Kinect is an excellent piece of hardware. I believe more hacks are under its way, we will keep you posted on Kinect Hacks.

[via Chrisoshea, via Gadget Venue, via Geeky Gadgets]

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