Shogun Bros. Chameleon X-1 Ultimate Gaming Mouse With Hidden Gamepad


You are not seeing a concept right now. This gaming mouse is a real product that you can purchase on this Q1 of 2011 for about $55 (MSRP). Well, it really looks just like a concept drawing that is “too good to be true” for gamers. But this mouse is real, and it’s got its own name called Chameleon X-1 from Shogun Bros.


On the mouse session, it features 1600dpi 5-stage adjustable optical sensor with 125Hz poling rate, and it’s connected to your PC via 2.4GHz wireless technology (supposedly a nano dongle is included).


There are total of 7 buttons on the top side, and on the flip side you can find other 14 buttons that reflected a gamepad interface with two rumble buttons.


It’s pretty cool, but don’t jump on to the dive before testing the water. It seems there is some sort of difficulty when switching side playing with the gamepad without making accidental mouse clicks on the other side. Unless this mouse has some sort of button that would let us disable the mouse click manually, it should be pretty inconvenient to use.

We’ll reported back once we’ve got some reviews from the expert.

[via Engadget]

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