Sony Show Off Their 13.3-inch Flexible Electronic Paper

After unveiling their flexible electronic paper in September, Sony has once again showing off their latest 13.3-inch flexible e-paper (electronic paper) device at Eco-Products expo in Tokyo, Japan.


This time, their flexible electronic paper is powered by E Ink Corporation’s e-paper that uses microcapsules technology. Aside for the 13.3-inch flexible e-paper, Sony also unveiled the prototype of the future e-book reader empowered by flexible OLED panel and urethane-based chassis. It’s awesome because urethane chassis is better than mild steel yet won’t chunk out like rubber. It’s especially tough matter that could resist from most impact.


However, other than revealing the two new devices, Sony didn’t provide any details for their new gadgets. They should be revealing it on the CES 2011 if they are serious in the ebook business.

[via TechON]

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