Dell Fractal Workstation Is Not Just A boring System

What is your first thought when hearing a workstation released by a branded company? If you are thinking at the ugly side of a workstation being large/huge and ugly looking, Dell Fractal Workstation will change your opinion.


Workstation won’t be another ugly 24-hour slave/beast worker for the big company, but it’s a beautiful lady that is contended with never-end energy to run the horde of tasks. Dell has stuff in something that is whole lot more modern with their workstation designs, so Fractal is really about the beauty and the beast.

According to the source, Dell Fractal will be the upcoming Precision T7600, T5600, and T3600 series, which will be the update to the current T7500, T5500 and T3600 series of Dell Workstation.



The above image is not the end result yet, so it might subject to some change that will make it ‘beautiful’ by the end.

Dell Fractal Workstation should be available on 2011 next year.

[Engadget via UberGizmo]

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