Domino Wall Clock Concept For The God Of Gambler

Domino is well known as one of the gambling tool in our country, and lots of people are winning big or even losing their home because of high-betting on their play. However, this Domino Wall Clock is not entirely about gambling. It’s just a nice Domino shaped wall clock for the fans of this game, where the God of Domino gambler would love to have one of them.


This Domino Wall Clock Concept is created by Carbon Design Group from Seattle. Featuring three larger-than-life dominoes complete with their dots that will flip back-and-forth to show you time. Here is the demo video of this Domino Wall Clock Concept:

The Domino Clock was one of a number of ideas bubbling up in the Carbon studio when it was selected to be a Carbon Passion Project. Similar to Google’s 20% Time, Carbon’s Passion Projects are designed to fuel the creative spark.


More details could be found at the CarbonDesign website.

[YankoDesign via GeekAlerts]

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