Signal Lock LED Warning Light Concept For Biker


Have you ever get a busted tire in the middle of no where and you’ll have to change the tire by yourself while the sky is getting dark? I’m sure hope you would never get into that kind of situation, but if you are in your worst day, something like this Signal Lock LED warning light could really get yourself a little (but very contrast at night) attention so nobody is going to hit you from behind when you are fixing your bike, and you might get help as well.

Signal Lock LED warning light is an interesting concept that mix both bike lock and warning signal together, so you can use it to deflect ‘stupid’ driver on the road. Or perhaps, you can get yourself a ride to your home if there is a kindhearted rider found you.


The Signal Lock LED warning light could let people aware of your presence if they’ve reach within 100 meters radius. Unless the road is S-shape with trees blocking the view, people could immediately notice someone is in trouble from afar.


Pretty cool, but sadly it’s just a concept. Perhaps you can build your own version using bright Red LED light and bike lock. Who knows…

[via YankoDesign]

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