Green-House Hikario LED Light Bulbs

Green-House from Japan has just enter to the market with new eco-friendly product in form of a LED light bulb called Hikario.


The shape of Hikario LED Light bulbs looks pretty unique, It looks like a torch with half rounded sphere in the top side. This Green House Hikario LED light bulb is costing 7.7 watts of power only, which according to their calculation in Japan, this LED light bulb is only cost 2 Yen of electricity bill for every twelve hours of operation.

Green-House Hikario LED Light Bulbs could be fitted into the normal E26 bulb socket, which mean you don’t have to find special socket or adapter to light it up. Hikario LED light buldb is now available in Japan in two type, including sunlight-colored model (GH-LB603N) and a traditional-lightbulb-colored variant (GH-LB603L).

Hopefully, we can see it selling soon through Japan gadget importer such as GeekStuff4U.

[via AkihabaraNews]

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