Neo Game Pad for Sony PlayStation 3

If you declined to purchase/pay a lot on a dedicated game pad for playing fighting games on your PS3, then you should take a look at this cool and cheaper solution.


This is the Neo Geo Gamepad made by SNK, the company that sporting their coolest fighting games since the retro console era. Neo Geo Gamepad has most of the buttons placed on the front side at the convenient of your thumbs, while you can only find L2 and R2 at the usual position above the gamepad.

Especially on the D-Pad, it’s been made with the fighting games in mind. The D-Pad will let you easily doing any hard combo and circling motion to unleash the beast skill of your fighters.

Neo Geo GamePad is connected to your PS3 via USB, has PS button, and currently available in Japan for $37. If you are interested, you can go to Play-Asia for $45 (ask them to import).

[via UberGizmo, OhGizmo]

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