PS3 Jailbreaking Is Legal In Spain


PS3 Jailbreak is strongly opposed by the American court and it’s illegal to do any activities to promote, sell, distribute the PS3 jailbreak dongle and modchip. However, the story is told differently when you are in Spain. Recently, the Spanish court has ruling that jailbreaking Sony Playstation 3 gaming console is legal. That’s mean if you are in Spain, you are freely to sell, advertise, distribute and use any PS jailbreak products.

This is certainly not a great news for Sony because everybody knows what is the uses of jailbreaking at the end. However, by jailbreaking, it sure does give options to let people running homebrew, and backing up games to prevent any lost.

But the Spanish Court still giving Sony two days to appeal the decision. If Sony can’t act within 48 hours, then Sony’s out of luck in Spain.

[via CrunchGear]

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