Vintcase Leather iPad Case: Retro-Style Inside

Vintcase leather iPad case is nothing but a skin wrapping each other to protect an iPad from scratches, and pulled together via a thin leather strap. The style of this Vintcase is absolutely old school or retro, something that you can see in the old film brought by old folks in the dessert. Well, kind of the Indiana Jones Era If I should say.


However, Vintcase Leather iPad case is as tough as those from the old era. That’s why those advanturers love to use them to carry their important stuff together. Vintcase Leather iPad case is handcrafted, not manufactured by the heartless machine in the factory. So each one of the production is fully of emotion (negatively or positively) and it’s made with high quality cowhide.

For $99, you can get retro Vintcase leather iPad case to protect your investment from the unwanted scratches or splashes.

[via Cool Material]

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