iFan Charger For iPhone – Took Damn Long Hours For One Full Recharge

If you are those who curious of everything new, this iFan might be one of the new iPhone charger that looks quite fresh. It’s basically using the same concept of windmills work back in Holland, you’ll have to blow or find place with strong (and focus) winds to let iFan rejuice you mobile device.


According to the designer Tjeerd Veenhoven, for one full recharge it could take half a dozen hours. He then suggested to hold the iFan outside of car window while driving to get to fastest and optimal result. But I think that’s purely impossible since safety in driving is just more important than juicing up a gadget. We can use an in-car charger instead, and I guess no one will love to stick their hand outside of the car window for long hours. That could be too tiring.

However, this prove that iFan is working fine. You’ll just have to find place with strong wind to get your gadget recharged. I strongly recommend the designer to enhanced the fan so it can capture wind easily. While if the device want to be used while traveling in the car, it’s better if iFan can capture winds from the Air-cons winds rather than getting them externally.

[via LikeCool]

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