Kno Tablet Shipped – No More Bloated Backpack For Wealthy Students


Kno tablet is shipping from today onward and those who pre-orders will receive it soon. The price tag for the dual screen version 32GB is $999, it’s kind of expensive but consider you can get two working 14.1-inch touchscreen display for your study, this tablet is a big bargain. Of course, you have to be quite wealthy to be able to make this investment. $999 is not that expensive when comparing with some great laptops like Sony Z series, but it’s not cheap too since normal tablet should cost within the limit of $500 to $600 only.

That is also mean you’ll have to pay double of the usual price for a tablet device. However, you can still opt for the single screen Kno tablet, that would cost you exactly at $599.

Well, you kno. Not every student has that $999 to invest. But if you are ready to throw away your books in exchange for this revolutionary learning tool, you can hoop on to the official Kno tablet website for more details.

[Business Insider via GottabeMobile]

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