Toshiba Biblio Leaf: The Solar Powered eBook Reader

Toshiba is going to release their new Biblio Leaf ebook reader in Japan, which has been known as the world’s first solar powered ebook reader. Through KDDI network, this Toshiba Biblio Leaf 6-inch e-ink ereader will be available in Japan begin from next week under two-year 3G wireless contract for $20 per month.


It seems pretty interesting because you won’t run out of power when reading your favorite ebooks as long as the sun keeps shining. :)

Toshiba Biblio Leaf also capable of connecting to 3G and WiFi network, has touchscreen display with dedicated stylus, 2GB storage that fit 3000 ebooks, as well as microSD card slot for expanding the core capacity.

Sadly, I don’t think we can get one for the moment. Let’s hope Toshiba will bring this Biblio Leaf solar powered ebook reader to the US market.

[via DVICE]

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