Beta Shell Lens Case: Sturdy Shell To Protect Your Valuable DSLR Lenses

For expert photographers, Lenses are one of the most important tools for their professionalism, that’s one of the reason for the to buy an expensive heavy duty bag with extra protection to protect their valuable. However, some times bags are just insufficient when facing extreme condition. Lenses are as fragile as eggs in this situation, so it’s important to find a case like this Beta Shell lens case for the extreme protection.


Beta Shell Lens Case is made of rigid plastic material with Visco-elastic form and waterproof seal to properly sealed of your lens from making contact with the harsh environment. Beta Shell Lens case is compatible with lenses from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and more. Check out the following video to see how Beta Shell Lens case protect your lens:

[Beta Shell Lens Case via CrunchGear]

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