Openaire Laptop Case Concept Design

When a designer come to think about the fusion of work desk, comfy chair and laptop bag, Openaire popped out from the creative brain.


Openaire is the new laptop case/workstation combo concept design by Nick and Beau Trincia, where you can get all of the three stuffs stuffed into one portable gadget that you can carry around.


Openaire has two essential parts, one of the is the cover that could be fold/unfold as a ground sitting chair, while the other one is the laptop container that could be turned as a portable lap-desk with extended parts for mouse and papers.





It looks impressive and quite convenient. I would love to own one of this if it’s available. However, judging from the wood-patterned surface in rendered result, it makes me think twice to own this all-in-one solution because it might be too fragile for use because I could break it apart easily (it’s wood, anyway).

[via BeHance]

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