Planex MKZ-RP150N Portable Wi-Fi Router

If you love anything tiny for your computing needs, you might want to add this Planex MKZ-RP150N to your shopping list when you have chance to visit Japan.


Planex MKZ-RP150N is the real Portable Wi-Fi router that is perfect for those who want to make home wireless networking system simple. Planex is powered by USB, and it’s coming with one one ethernet port. However, it support Wi-Fi connection and some basic DNS service including DynDNS and CyberGate.

What’s beautiful is that Planex MKZ-RP150N portable is only measures in 42mm x 15mm x 55.2mm and weighs just 27 grams only.

For the equivalent price of US$41 you can get this USB powered portable WiFi router in Japan.

[Spec list via Planex, source: SlipperyBrick]

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