Rechargeable Compress That Does Hot And Cold Compress

Hammacher introduced us to their new health gadget, which is a rechargeable compress that could both hot and cold compress. The device can treat muscle aches and joint pain, and it could do an instant pain relief.


This Rechargeable Compress can be heated to 110-degree F or colled to 40-degree F in just 45 seconds. There is no chemical-base reaction included so it’s very safe for use on our body aches or pain.

However, you’ll have to put 4 pieces of AA batteries into this battery eater device and you’ll have to pay $130 to get one.

Well, it’s pretty good to treat your feet aches when got back from your crazy shopping fever at the mall. It’s kind of magical how it can relieve swelling or facilitating blood flows.

[Red Ferret Journal via OhGizmo]

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