CardSharp: The Credit Card Sized Foldable Safety Knife

Over at Iain Sinclair, they’ve just introduced a handful of new products that looks pretty interesting and have slim profile. For you who love to bring protection knife or utility knife on your purse/wallet, Iain Sinclair has this CardSharp utility knife that you might find it handy for your usage.


This CardSharp is a credit card sized foldable knife. It weights in 13 grams, and it’s 2.2mm thick only. It could be unfolded into its credit-card shaped container and you can easily store it in your wallet.

Iain Sinclair is made of high quality stainless steel rust-free material, so it’s suitable for any environment and condition. There are two version CardSharp, one is Teflon Black and the other one is Natural Brushed Stainless steel.

If you are interested, you can find this CardSharp selling in your nearest utility store around the Q1 of 2011 for £15 or you can pre-order it now for £7.50 at Iain Sinclair.

[via Winarco]

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