Sony Aims To Sell 15 Million PS3 Console By March 2011


Before reaching the fiscal year on March 31th, 2011, Sony is aiming to sell 15 Million units of PS3 console. Since the PS3 console is selling very well this year, there is a high possibility for Sony to get through their goals easily.

If they’ve made it, that’s mean they’ve up the sales volume about 15% from last year’s record. The recent for the the console unit to sell really well this year is due to the new hardware launch, where they’ve launched PlayStation Move Motion controller and sold over 4.1 Million units of PS Move, and don’t forget that also on this year Sony PlayStation 3 has been jailbroken by hackers.

Although it’s illegal, but it certainly has increased the console sales for those who can’t afford to buy legit games. Blu-ray games are extremely expensive, the console are not. At least, in the third world PS3 is pretty popular now. :)

[via SlipperyBrick]

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