Nintendo 3DS: Available For Pre-Order, But No Pricing Details Yet

According to what we are heard over at Engadget and NeoGAF, the rumor about the pre-order for Nintendo 3DS is true. You can now starting to place your pre-order at any local GameStop store that you can find at your area and you’ll have to place a small amount of deposit fee at the prove of your pre-order. Depending on your location, some store will ask for $25 or $50 for the Nintendo 3DS that has yet to reveal the retail pricing.


Also, the official launching date is not given yet. It’s been expected to be around the early Q1 of 2011, but it’s only a groundless prediction.

To refresh you up, Nintendo 3DS is the first handheld console that featuring glasses-free 3D display and it’s also a great improvement to its previous generation of DS and DSi machines. Nintendo 3DS can run all of the previous Gen’s games, and it’s coming with a higher specs that you could expect to have more realistic 3D gaming environment on Nintendo 3DS in the upcoming exclusive titles.

The specs are including 3.5-inch main display (800×240) with 3D, 3-inch (320 x 240) with touchscreen function, 266Mhz ARM11 processor, PICA200 133MHz GPU, 64MB RAM and 4MB of GPU RAM.

It’s been expected to be priced at $300, but we do hope it could be priced lower than PSP. :)

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