iPod Nano 6G Gets 24K Gold Treatment

If real 24K gold plating on iPod Nano 6G sounds like a great deal for you, you might want to check out what’s cooking in Computer Choppers’ kitchen.


They’ve offered service to gold coated an iPod Nano 6G and they even let their customers to add theri own piece of custom graphics on the back plate.

All you have to do is to pay them the sum of money (how much? you should call them instead) and graphic that you want to have on the backplate, and SAZZAAM! Your new Gold coated iPod Nano 6G will be delivered to your front door in a few days of work.


If you want to have something even better, find someone who can make you a custom gold coated metallic wrist watch band for the iPod nano 6G and you can get a full piece of luxurious timepiece that your friends would jealous of.

[via AskAlexia, Coated]

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