Project LovePlus On Nintendo 3DS Gets ‘BoyFriend Lock’ Identifier Feature

Project LovePlus game which has been pretty popular dating simulation game in Japan and it’s going to get a new interesting features when launched for Nintendo 3DS in 2011.


We have known that Nintendo 3DS is going to features both front and rear facing camera just like a video-chat enabled smartphones, so Project LovePlus is going to use this advantage to their game by adding a boyfriend recognition feature call “Boyfriend Lock”.

It’s been reported that the girlfriend can recognize whether if you are her boyfriend (owner of the Nintendo 3DS) or not using the front facing camera. If she can’t recognize you, it will triggers a certain conversation such as she will asks: “Who are you?” or something similar. Of course, if the virtual girl can’t recognize the user, there is no way for the user to date her. Pretty interesting.

[via UberGizmo]

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