Apple Should Be Able To Ship 65 Million iPad in 2011

Apple iPad that has made a great impact in the Tablet world is rumored to be able to ship 65 Million units next year in 2011. It’s amazing if it’s real, since there are lots of iPad killers out there that strive to pull Apple iPad down from its crown.


However, there is no way people can predict the future ahead unless they’ve time machine. Who knows what Samsung will come up with their next gen of Galaxy Tab 2, and will that coolest Tablet Notion Ink Adam come up with is yet to known.

Thankfully, Apple is not the type that keep themselves staying low-profile too. We have come to know about their next gen iPad 2 quite a lot and it looks like the next gen would make some comeback. Plus, the rapid-growing app store is another good reason for the prospective customer to own their own iPad without hesitation, despite of the wide variety of choices in the market.

[via Ubergizmo]

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