Nintendo 3DS Is Dangerous For Kids Under 6

Out of many amazing things Nintendo 3DS can give, there is one biggest drawback that parent should pay serious attention before buying one for their kids.


If your kids is 6-year old or younger, there is a safety issue that your kids must not use this new toy to play their favorite game and stay loyal to the DSi instead. The reason is because of the 3D effect that will hurt your kids. There is a study that kids with under 6 year old is in the stage of developing eyesight and Nintendo 3DS can cause and adverse effect on them.

Now, if you are attending the CES 2011 together with your kids, you should prepare yourself to hold your kids and stay away from the Nintendo 3DS stand :)

Well, if you are going to test this new stuff, go by yourself alone or properly educate your kids before hitting Nintendo zone at the CES 2011.

[via Electronista]

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