Omega Headphone Stand: Elegant Way To Rest The Headphones

I’m using binder clip DIY trick to hang my headphones, but if you are not into that DIY stuff, you can fork out $180 for this elegant Omega Headphone Stand that is constructed from paywood hardwoods such as cherry, maple, zebrano and walnut.


The Omega Headphone Stand has been constructed in the shpe of a human head, where you can rest the headphones properly in nice and tidy way. If you have a shop selling audio equipment (headphones, in this case), you can use this Omega Headphone Stand to leverage the image for your customers.

Well I should agree that each of them are quite expensive at $180. However, if you are those who valued wood work and appearance, this Omega Headphone stand is a right stuff for you.
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[via Wired gadget lab]

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