Sony MDR-EX1000 Earphones: Now Available Via AudioCubes


Sony MDR-EX1000 earphones which originally made for the Asia-Only is now available for worldwide audiophiles who can pay a lot for a set of headphone. Thanks to Audiocubes, user at the US of A can enjoy this $799 headphone and spoils their ears with this new EX-Monitor EX1000 heardphone with ultra large 16mm drivers.

“Sony’s new Flagship earphonesis here! The new EX-Monitor EX1000 comes with ultra large drivers of 16mm (newly developed by Sony) for superb sound reproduction. Drivers are vertically aligned to the ears for more realistic sound. 10 different silicon earbuds for better fits. These 16mm drivers are able to inject 3-30,000Hz of audio goodness into your skull, according to Sony. A new flagship earphones is on the market. Possibly one of the highest end earphones ever produced by Sony Japan.”

Go ahead order your at Audiocubes if you can afford it. :)

[via Gizmodo]

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