Bluedot BDP-1716W Portable DVD Player Launched

If you are still looking for a DVD player that you can enjoy your movie while on the bus or travel, here is a new series made by Bluedot call BDP-1716W portable DVD player that has featured rotatable 7-inch display that could be folded like a convertible tablet/netbook.


It’s pretty interesting how Bluedot is trying to position themselves in the market where people has started to look for Blu-ray player instead of the old DVD media player alone (BD-player is backward compatible). And most tech savvy users has started to using tablet for their video-watching activities, instead of bringing DVD discs with their travel. However, I believe Bluedot know what they are doing and perhaps they are still trying to squeeze some profit out of an old technology.

Enough blabbing, let’s back to the Bluedot BDP-1716W portable DVD player. Just like its previous version Bluedot BDP-1945K, This DVD player has 180-degree rotatable screen, AV input and output, built-in rechargeable battery for 3 hours play time, USB port, compatible with MP3 and JPEG browsing, and it also support CD audio and CPRM contents.

No pricing mentioned yet but it will be available in Japan, eventually.

[via BlueDot]

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