HEX Watch Band For iPod Nano 6G

Since Apple launched their 6th Generation of iPod Nano, this device has been made as not only a media player companion to eliminate loneliness. It’s also been used as one of the coolest “Wrist watch” thanks to the wide range of watch band collection available for iPod Nano 6G.


The latest watch band that has made its entry is known as the HEX Watch Band series that comes with a bunch of collection with color variation. There are 9 different colors in total, such as black, yellow, pink, sky blue, pearl, grey, white, red and orange-brown.

HEX watch band for iPod Nano 6G is made with high precision where you can easily pop-in perfectly or pop-out your iPod Nano 6G effortlessly.

HEX Watch band for iPod Nano 6G is available for $29.95 a pop, where I consider it as a nice addon that won’t make holes in your wallet.

[via MaxBorgesAgency]

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