PrimeSense Teamed Up With ASUS Offering WAVI Xtion Gesture-Controlled UI

PrimeSense, the one who supplied Microsoft with their 3D sensing technology has teamed up with ASUS to recreate the 3D sensing technology to PC interface. Kinect has been pretty well-known and after the OpenKinect hacks available, hundreds of developer has tried to build their own gesture-controlled UI that you can view some of them on our Kinect Hacks collection.


Now, what’s cool from ASUS that uses the same technology as Kinect? According to what we have read, they will create Xtion PRO, which is the world’s first PC-exclusive 3D sensing equipment for developers to expand their horizon in creating applications for PC.

This has unlocked the possibility for PC users to navigate through some interface (browsing internet, access media content, play games) like Kinect and ASUS will fully integrated this technology into their existing UI WAVI Xtion.

Xtion Pro is expected to be available in February 2011, and it will be commercially available in Q2 of 2011.


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