Samsung World’s Lightest 3D Glasses Is Burden-Free For Your Ears

In the partnership with Austrian design firm Silhouette, Samsung has presented us to their latest 3D glasses that have been claimed as the world’s lightest 3D glasses for your convenient home entertainments.


It’s been awhile since the first launch of 3D glasses that make wearer looks like a dork. But things have started to chance into a better direction. This ‘feather-class’ 3D glasses is weighing in 28g, has an unique design where all of its electronics allocated to the rear side of the specs, and it’s been targeted for users from kids to adults.

What’s clever is the ability to recharge wirelessly where no cable require for the process, and this 3D glasses can detect whether a 3D content is being play or not and act accordingly to the situation to either turn it on or off automatically.

Up to date, there is no pricing for this world’s lightest 3D Glasses yet. Perhaps we could get more info in this January’s CES 2011 exhibition.

[via OLED Display, Samsung Tomorrow]

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