Toshiba Regza GL1 3D Glasses-less 3D Laptop


It seems Toshiba want to start their venture in the 3D world by using the coolest 3D glasses-less display on their upcoming Regza series of laptop. They’ve started the campaign by getting ther Regza GL1 to have this 3D glasses-less 3D laptop for the testing, and UberGizmo is acknowledging the 3D laptop as an “impressive stuff”.

Toshiba Regza GL1 3D Laptop has been equipped with a smart technology where it can use the built-in web camera to track the user’s eyes and display/adjust the stereoscopic 3D effects accordingly. The downside is that if there is more than one user trying to figure out what’s happening in the screen. The system might got confused whose eyes it should track.
But if you are a sole/lone wolf in your apartment, Toshiba Regza GL1 3D glasses-less laptop should be a magnificent 3D entertainment laptop.

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