Android HoneyComb: Might Require Dual-Core Processor To Function Properly

After Android Gingerbread launched, Google is gearing up to release their newer version of Android OS. The next venture after Gingerbread is Honeycomb, which previously rumored as the 3.5 version of their OS that turn out as a faulty rumor.


The latest rumor is stating that HoneyComb with be the Version 2.4 after GingerBread at 2.3, and it will require a higher specification to run this OS like Dual Core processor and higher resolution display at 1280x720p.

With such a high requirement, it’s also mean that HoneyComb is not suitable for mobile phones anymore. It will be more likely designed by tablet devices that has at less 7-inch screen or larger. Of course, since it has to use dual core CPU and high resolution display, the future Android HoneyComb powered device will have a problem with battery life.

But rumor also suggested that Google will make a lower-end version of HoneyComb that could be fitted into mobile phone or any single cored device. Well, we can’t make any prediction yet before the dust settled down.

[via GadgetVenue and Gaj-it]

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