Smartfish Engage Keyboard: Now Available For Purchase!


From the same company who’ve released the revolutionary ErgoMotion mouse, Smartfish has unveiled another new series of ergonomic keyboard that was introduced last year.
The Keyboard was appeared as both Pro:Motion and ErgoMotion, but later it lost those name and replaced with ‘Engage’ as its brand new name.

Just like any other ergonomic keyboard, Engage keyboard is featuring natural curvy design similar to Logitech Desktop Wave keyboard that help reduce fatigue, increase blood flow, and reduce the risk of RSI.

Smartfish Engage Keyboard also introduce a new technology called ErgoMotion, which is an unique motion-system that would move and slide the keyboard to a different angle automatically to enhance the typing posture. Check out the following video for more details:

Smartfish Engage Keyboard with ErgoMotion is now available for $150 directly from Smartfish website.

[Source: Gizmag, Nexus404]

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