IOMega SuperHero Dock: Can Both Recharge And Backup Your iPhone

Some people might think backing up files in their cell phone unimportant, but some techie guys who do live on their phone and store most of their important stuffs on their mobile phone will valued a gadget that could help them backup their data regularly to prevent unwanted lost.


IOMega has just launched a new iPod/iPhone dock that could recharge the battery while at the same time it provides an automatic backup to a separated SD card. IOMega called it ‘SuperHero‘, which is quite the hero to save the day when you found your iPhone rolled-over by a truck or scuba diving into a cup of hot tasty soup.

IOmega SuperHero Dock can backup picture, contacts and any backup-able data except music files and apps (there is an API restriction to prevent backup of these files).




IOmega SuperHero dock will be available for $69.99, on that price mark you’ll also get one 4GB SDHC card for free.

[Engadget via Coated]

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