Hitachi CinemaStar Announces C5K750 And 5K2000 HDD For A/V Market

As of one the top storage manufacturer, Hitachi has revealed new series of hard drive namely the CinemaStar C5K750 and CinemaStar 5K2000 made exclusively for media recording usage. The hard drive has been optimize for any recording device such as DVR, IPTY set-top-box, or video surveillance system that require 24-hours operation.


On Hitachi CinemaStar C5K750, this HDD is Hitachi’s first 2.5-inch CE drive with Advanced Format, where they’ve increases the physical sector from 512bytes to 4096bytes and it’s available in 500GB, 640GB and 750GB.

Meanwhile, Hitachi CinemaStar 5K2000 is coming with CoolSpin technology that could practically lower down the power consumption and noises made by the spinning disc. CinemaStar 5K2000 3.5-inch HDD will be available in two sizes of 1.5TB and 2TB.

[via EarthTimes]

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