Google Releases Video Demo For Android HoneyComb 3.0 OS


After so many speculations around the web about Google’s next Android OS HoneyComb, Google has finally stood up and clear up the fog and straightening the messy ‘cables’ with their new video demo about their upcoming Android HoneyComb OS. It appears that HoneyComb won’t be the a small update like 2.4, but it’s a huge leap ahead to 3.0 version as Android HoneyComb OS is designed for strong performing tablet device only.



The interface of Android HoneyComb 3.0 is absolutely a different thing with the current 2.x version. There is a lot of redesigns and improvements here and there, and the result is pretty impressive with fluid home screens, dynamic app shortcuts and where Google has clearly making a good use of the increased screen size to their applications and system.

Check out the following video for more details:

Love that youtube layout and 3D maps, I can’t wait to test it out and see who’s gonna be the first to install their tablet with HoneyComb 3.0 OS.

[via Google]

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