Samsung Sliding PC 7 – When Netbook And Tablet Become One

Samsung, the world’s leading high-definition TV manufacturer has just unveiled their newest ‘mashup’ between netbook and tablet. They call it Sliding PC 7, which is a netbook-like tablet with 10.1-inch touchscreen (supporting 1366 x 768p) display that has a slide out full-layout keyboard.


For a second, it looks like a super-massive phone that has got a full QWERTY keyboard. But this system is running Windows 7 OS tablet edition and has a big screen, there is no way it could be as portable as a smartphone or massive phone.

Specification wise, Samsung Sliding PC 7 is powered by Intel Atom Z670 CPU, 2GB RAM, 32GB or 64GB SSD, fast 20-seconds booting, and it’s compatible with 3G or WiMAX network.

Other features also include USB port, HDMI port, card reader, ambient light sensor, webcam, and 6-cell lithium polymer rechargeable battery.

Samsung is planning to launch their Sliding PC 7 in March for MSRP of $699.

[via Mashable]

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