Acer Iconia Dual Screen Laptop Tablet – Best Gadget Of CES 2011


Acer Iconia, the dual touchscreen laptop tablet that virtually have no physical keyboard has been nominated as the winner of the Last Gadget Standing at CES 2011. That’s mean you can safely said that Acer Iconia is the best gadget in this year 2011, which may lead to a massive demands after the official release.

Acer Iconia, If you remember, is a new type of laptop that has both of the inner surface covered with sensitive touchscreen display. The top side is pretty common, but the lower screen is what make it cool. But the downside of Acer Iconia is that you won’t feel any tactile feedback when typing because it has no physical keyboard. Also you might have to adapt to the full screen layout of virtual keyboard before you can fluently bashing on those tricky virtual keys (without pressing on the faulty one).

But above of anything, Congratulations to Acer who’ve been win the award and dare enough to pioneer a great new technology with the public’s acknowledgment. It’s just too bad Toshiba Libretto was not the one to win the award! :)

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