MakerBot: The Less Expensive 3D Printer


Made its show at CES 2011, MakerBot is one of the ‘less-expensive’ 3D printer that you could find in the market. For just $1,225 per unit, you can own one of this 3D printer for printing your product prototype after loaded the machine with the required raw materials. MakerBots can print on ABS, HDPE and PLA plastic and MakerBot can print out anything you want as long as it’s not larger than 100mm x 100mm x 100mm.

Well, can’t blame it why it won’t print out a larger stuff. It’s actually quite matching the price that you should pay for the machine that won’t break your bank account. Also, to save you money, the manufacturer will ship MakerBot in a disassembled condition. You have to self-assemble them together before you can actually use it for your printing project.

[MakerBot via UberGizmo]

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