Nintendo 3DS To Feature 3 To 8 Hours Battery Life

Unlike their predecessors, Nintendo 3DS is using an advanced 3D (stereoscopic 3D) display that tend to drink more juice. That’s why it’s questionable if Nintendo 3DS is capable of providing reasonable amount of battery life in order to satisfied those hardcore mobile gamers.


Luckily, Nintendo recently has just released a chart that highlighted the core specification of Nintendo 3DS’ hardware, and it expert has generated some predictions that Nintendo 3DS will have battery life anywhere from 3 to 8 hours play time.

However, there is no detail that the predictions are made for the Nintendo 3DS machine running 3DS games (with full-blown 3D feature turn on) or running the old DS games. Of course, running both versions of games will have different result as 3DS games require a bit more power. It’s interesting to see how long it could be used to play games per charge.

[via TheCoolGadgets]

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