Sifteo Game Cubes: The Hot Cakes That Sold Out At CES 2011

If you are looking at what’s hottest in this year’s CES 2011, I guess I’ll direct you to this Sifteo Game Cubes that were sold out directly in the CES 2011 event last week!


What’s make it selling like a hot cakes, even it’s not really officially released yet? Well, I can understand to urge to buy one of this game gadget because Sifteo Game Cubes are just like a little magic cube that could let your kids (even adult!) have their good moments.

Sifteo Game Cubes are consist of 6 portable game cubes that looks a bit like an iPod Nano 6G, but these little guys are connected via a wireless USB transmitter to a PC in order for it to work properly. And what’s cool is the 6 game cubes can be used for interaction of a particular game, and each cube ‘knows’ how they are being held and moved thanks to motion sensors.

The display itself is rather small, at 128 x 128px, all you can get is a low-definition homebrew-like games to be displayed. But don’t underestimate it as the games are completely fun with the combination of the 6 game cubes.

Sifteo Game Cubes are available in a pack of three game cubes for $149. You will also get a charger station and transmitter in the box. Guess what, there is a chance that this Sifteo Game Cubes will nominated this year’s best Christmas gifts for kids!

[via EverythingUSB]
[More Coverage: VentureBeat, OhGizmo]

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