Vision Concepts Gaming Glasses Is Good For Gamer’s Eyes

This is probably the economy version of Gunnar Optics which I’ve reviewed last couple of years. Vision Concepts has just rolled out their very own gaming yellow lens glasses with affordable pricing.


The reason for the yellow lens is similar to Gunnar Optics, the lens will block/reducing glare while providing a much better and contrast vision to your eyes, and at the same time it will reduce the fatigue of long haul gaming sessions.

What’s great of this Vision Concept’s gaming glasses is the cool looking camo-style glasses frame. Another great thing is that this version of gaming glasses is only costing you $39.99 a pair at most. Beautiful, but I believe you’ll dislike how your vision turns all urine-yellow once ‘installed’ into your mecha vision. :)

Just adapt to it if you really care about your eye balls.

[via GearLog]

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