Yantouch JellyWash Plus – Mood Generator Lamp With Gesture Controls

We can easily distinguish a product uniqueness and most of the time something like the JellyFish Lamp is easily recognizable and hard to shake off from the memory. It’s not only beautiful, JellyFish Lamp is pretty smart with touch sensitive panel, and it will change its color to recreate a better mood in our room.

Now, if you want something more unique and have a better technology like JellyFish Lamp, you should be happy that it’s now available with the name of Yantouch JellyWash+.


It’s basically a well-upgraded version of jellyfish lamp, it also has 16 million colors spectrum, you can interact with the touch panel to control the color, transition speeds, and brightness. However, in this upgraded version, JellyWash+ has already got a new ability to provide sounds that will go with the lights. Such as, you can create a soothing greenish room with birds chirping themes. Also, Yantouch JellyWash+ has the ability to let you set alarm to call you off your bed each morning. It would be a great gadget is it can be used like Philips wake up light!

[Price: $150 | via Ubergizmo | source: iLounge]

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