NZXT USB Bunker: USB Expansion With Protection From Theft


NZXT has released their USB Bunker, which is a new USB expansion slot that could be fit in into any 5.25-inch drive bay while it’s capable of protecting the USB gadgets from theft. It will be great item to pair up with NZXT PC case, and you can actually find it useful to protect your USB gadgets from the naughty players when you are in a LAN party.

NZXT, a company built on realizing the dreams of gamers worldwide, is proud to announce Bunker, an advanced USB locking device designed for USB expansion and protection of gaming accessories. Plug in gaming mice, keyboards, and headphones and lock it with a sophisticated 20 key lock system and durable door to prevent theft at LAN parties and schools. Bunker installs easily into any open 5.25” drive bay and provides 4 additional USB ports for expanded connectivity.

“We place a great deal of importance on portability and security,” said Johnny Hou, Founder and Chief Designer at NZXT. “Whether you’re transporting your rig to a LAN party or would like more peace of mind in the dorm, Bunker will ensure that your peripherals and media remain secure.”


NZXT USB Bunker will be available starting this March 2011 for $25.

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