Razer Switchblade: Revolutionary Gaming PC With Dynamic Keyboard

You really have no need to get a dedicated keyboard or mouse with bunch of programmable buttons if you have this Razer Switchblade gaming laptop. Razer latest innovative concept creation has put them once again into the spotlight in gaming world with their Switchblade gaming system that has a special function unseen anywhere.


Directly on the laptop/PC, Razer has embedded a dynamic flash keyboard where you can reconfigure its functionality and appearance to your liking. There are 139 gaming specific buttons available to tweak, and in exchange for mouse, the Razer Switchblade has a touchscreen display where you can interact directly, selecting your unit, attacking building and scrolling through the battlefield!


It certainly looks like a ‘must-have’ system for those WoW fans. Casting spells and abilities are instantly using such a gaming PC. However, what’s turning me down is that Razer Switchblade is not a product that you can purchase right away. It’s still a concept at the moment, but Razer did promised that they are going to create something like this and currently are working with selected partners to design and launch new product based on this magnificent concept.

[via Gadgetreview, via Razer SwitchBlade, via Winarco – Gadget Journal]

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